Pineapple (Ananas)

PINEAPPLE(Ananas Comosus)

Pineapple is an edible fruit and the most economically significant plant. It has become a characteristic ingredient in meat, vegetable, fish, and rice dishes. It is eaten fresh were available and in canned form worldwide. It is also used as a pastry filling or in baked desserts.


  • It contains  1.7 g of Protein.
  • It consists of 2.3 g of Fiber.
  • It contains 82.5 KJ Calories.


  • It reduces the risk of Cancer.
  • It helps in boosting Immunity.
  • It helps in improving Digestion.

Its varieties:


Kew – It is a leading commercial variety particularly for canning. This variety is big in size, oblong, and tapering slightly towards the crown. The fruit with broad and shallow eyes becomes yellow when fully ripe. The flesh is light yellow, almost fibreless, and very juicy. The leaves often have a short sector of the small margin of spines just behind the tip, and irregularly on the base near its attachment to the stem.

Giant Kew – This variety of pineapple is cultivated in certain regions of West Bengal, it is synonymous to Kew except for the size of plant and fruit which are larger than Kew as the name signifies.

Queen – The queen variety is rich yellow in color, weighing around 0.91.3 kg each. The flesh is deep golden yellow, less juicy than Kew, crisp textured with a pleasant aroma and flavor. Eyes are small and deep, requiring a thicker cut when removing the skin. The leaves are brownish-red, shorter, and very spiny.

Mauritius – These are a mid-season variety of the Queen group. They are medium in size, fruits are deep yellow and red in color. Fruits are oblong in shape, fibrous and medium sweet compared with red ones. This is ideal for table purposes.


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